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In-Office Laser Whitening

What to Expect from Tooth Whitening Treatment?

Whitening your teeth does not always mean using ordinary strips from the grocery store. Did you know we offer in-office whitening treatments as well as at home custom whitening treatments. As we know everyone’s tooth anatomy is different, but with our doctors expertise we can get the perfect and safe whitening treatment planned for you.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Once the Doctor sees fitting (age wise as well as condition of teeth), we can do in-office whitening which is an hour long process.This process starts with cheek retractors to have isolation of the teeth, we then use a gingival dam to keep the gums healthy. After placing the protection of gums we start the whitening process. We go through 3 rounds of product that sit for 15 minutes, so a total of 45 minutes with the strong whitening gel. Once the process is finished we remove the protection and retractors, and end with a big rinse and beautiful results. The big question is how long will it last, that is where the At-Home whitening comes into play.

At Home Teeth Whitening

This option is great for lasting results and can go hand in hand with the in-office whitening system. This is a system where we take a digital scan of your teeth and create custom trays to fit your teeth perfectly. These custom trays allow the perfect amount of space for whitening gel to be applied to each tooth without spilling out onto the gums, which can happen sometimes if you use a tighter retainer instead of whitening trays. The Doctor will also choose what strength whitening gel would be best suitable for you. This system is great for a boost or to sustain the natural white color.

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At Home Whitening

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