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Periodontal Therapy

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Periodontal Therapy

Treating Gum Disease

If you have developed gum disease, periodontal therapy will provide the care you need to treat your teeth and gums at this stage. Periodontal therapy is important to restoring the health of your teeth and gums.

Gum Disease Symptoms

Symptoms of periodontal disease include bleeding or swollen gums, bad breath, pain when chewing, sensitive teeth, loose teeth, and gum recession. 

Surgical Solutions for Gum Disease

There are surgical and non-surgical treatments for gum disease. Surgical treatments are utilized in more severe cases of periodontal disease. Gum grafts or gum flap surgery are both surgical methods to restoring the health and appearance of your gums and affected teeth. Non-surgical treatments for mild to moderate periodontal disease cases will include scaling and root planning, which is a careful cleaning of the root surfaces to remove plaque and tartar from deep periodontal pockets. This type of treatment helps to smooth the tooth root to remove bacterial toxins that damage gum tissues, which helps gum tissue to heal and periodontal pockets to shrink. If the damage to your teeth is irreversible, you may need dental implants.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is common and with proper care, it is oftentimes reversible. Without treatment, gum disease can cause other health issues as well as increased risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory disease. It is important to floss and take care of your gums in addition to the appearance of your teeth. Good oral health also helps to keep the rest of your body healthy! Being well-informed and having a healthful routine that includes preventative care for your oral health will help you to avoid problems later and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile!

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