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Relaxing Gas

Dental Sedation

Dental nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas or relaxing gas and is a safe and effective sedative that is mixed with oxygen through a small mask to help you relax. Unlike anesthesia, relaxing gas does not put you to sleep. You should ultimately feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable. Using relaxing gas is helpful for patients who feel anxious about dental treatments.

How Does Dental Sedation Work

Relaxing gas can be used for nearly every type of dental procedure, including routine cleanings! If you’re feel anxiety about seeing the dentist, relaxing gas is a great way to help calm nerves without any lasting side effects. The gas wears off very quickly!

Inhaling relaxing gas takes about two to three minutes to feel its effects. You may feel tingly or numb, relaxed and calm. You will still be able to talk and respond to the dentist when needed. After the procedure, the effects will wear off in a few minutes and most patients are able to safely drive themselves home!

Have More Relaxing Dentist Visits

The most common situations in which relaxing gas is used for patients who have anxiety about going to the dentist, have a low pain tolerance, are fidgety, have sensitive teeth, have a bad gag reflex, have a disability, or need a large amount of dental work completed. If you’re a weary patient, do not worry! We will help you feel at ease and comfortable.

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