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Did you know Millington Plagenhoef Dentistry can now get your same day crown done in one day? No need to come back for a second visit and kiss temporaries goodbye! In January 2022, we installed what is called a “Cerec Primemill Unit”, and started milling same-day crowns.

This machine has the ability to scan the prepped area to generate a 3D image of the crown, then the Doctors adjust and design the perfect fitting crown for you. The scanner then sends the information to the Milling unit and from a pre-loaded block of material , the unit mills the crown perfectly in minutes.

The same day crown then has to harden in what’s called the Speed Fire, this is a small oven-like machine that heats up (around 3000°F) to make the crown as hard as a natural tooth. We are excited to keep moving forward and learn new techniques with this machine to be able to provide all crown and bridge services.

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CEREC Primemill | Dental Milling Unit

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